The future of liposuction

Many women and men have already chosen Vaser method.

Why Vaser Lipo?

Vaser Lipo HD is a minimally invasive technique practiced to reduce fat from areas of body and face. Vaser Lipo uses the latest generation ultrasound to shape the body. It’s possible to use local anesthesia for small areas up to get to general anesthesia for larger areas.

Vaser Lipo reduces localize fat and makes a skin lifting effect that varies on your type of skin.

After the pre-op drawing, the area to reshape will be filled with a tumescent solution. In a second moment, a 2-3 millimeters sonde will transmit ultrasound necessary energy for the fat fragmentation.

Now, we can gently withdraw the fat with the help of a small cannula.

In this method, sutures are not necessary and the 3-4 millimeters scars will disappear in a few months.

Any person can use this technique. However, each individual case must be carefully analyzed through a preoperative clinical evaluation. Thanks to an accurate specialist visit, in fact, it is possibile to evaluate the indications, the risk factors and, above all, discuss expectations.


  • Visible results in one session
  • Trauma, pain, and ecchymoses are minimal
  • Vaser removes easily large fat deposits
  • Delicately and effectively eliminates fat and makes your skin beautiful and harmonious¬†
  • Leaves the skin smooth even in delicate areas as neck and arms
  • The shape of the muscles are more defined and emphasized
  • Small or large areas of fat are selectively removed while the surrounding tissue still intact
  • The method ensures rapid convalescence and proven safety
  • The selective fat could be re-introduced with the Lipofilling technique
The five steps of Vaser Lipo treatment

Vaser Lipo Treatment


Before you know how Vaser Lipo works we have to understand that fat consists of adipose cells, vascular and connective tissue.


An anesthetic tumescent solution is injected into the layer of fat. In this way, the specific area is locally anesthetized and make it turgid.


The high frequency ultrasound sonde of the Vaser Lipo High Definition breaks the adipose tissue and the cells scatter in the solution previously inject.


The liquefied fat could be easily removed by massage or a delicate aspiration.


During the recovery process, the skin retracts and appears more smooth, soft and healthy.

Nerve and blood vessels are undamaged, for this reason,¬† patient’s pains and bruises are limited. With the liposuction method, doctors could be work accurately and it is possible to model even delicates areas like neck, chin, thigh, and arms.

Vaser Lipo instead of the traditional liposuction

In which area is it possible  to use the Vaser Lipo method?

Vaser Lipo can remove fat in all areas usually treated by traditional liposuction and in the some delicate areas.

These areas where is possible using Vaser Lipo are:

  • Abdominal
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Knees
  • Culotte
  • Hips
  • Arms
  • Neck
  • Inner thigh
More details about Vaser Lipo

How does Vaser Lipo work?

Adipose tissue is composed of adipose cells and other important tissue structures.

Thanks to Vaser Lipo, the sound waves target selectively the specific area and disintegrate undesired fat without damage nervous tissue, blood vessels, and collagen.

Now, the liquefied fat can be easily removed by massage or a delicate aspiration.


Frequently asked questions

Am I a good candidate for the Vaser method?

Usually, obese people are not good candidates for this method.

Patients with elastic and compact skin have the best result.

Smokers could have fewer results.

Where we can find you and which anesthetic do you use?

We operate in the Marche, in Emilia Romagna, and Lombardy in different clinics.

We use tumescent local anesthesia that makes Vaser Lipo action even more effective.

How much fat can be removed?

Vaser Lipo is not to lose weight but to reshape body fat with a minimally invasive technique.

This allows giving a high definition to male and female bodies like abdominals and bikini line.

The amount of fat, therefore, varies from patient to patient and is based on BMI.

When I will see the results?

Starting from 4 weeks until a post-operative period of about 6-9 months.

This period depends on residual edema and water retention.

It is recommended to have also a good food plan to optimize and maintain the results.

How long is the convalescence?

Convalescence depends on the treated areas.

Usually, a day for small areas up to a week for larger areas, excluding the post-operative period.

How much does Vaser Lipo cost and how can I pay?

Cost is the result of considerable factors.

One of these factors is the complexity of the surgery based on the patient’s objectives.

Furthermore, Vaser Lipo is a cutting-edge method and the cost is not the same as traditional liposuction.

First of all, patients that decide to use this technique have to carry out preventive visits and study with the doctor the entire pre and post-operative course. Then, there will be surgery and the planning post-operative visits. And at least, it’s time to enjoy your body!

How the body areas of the people who have chosen the Vaser method have improved

Vaser Lipo results

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